72 Year Old U.K Woman Cries Out After Her Lover, Igbo Son Was Denied VISA Into The U.K.

A 72-year-old grandmother of 6 has lamented over the denial of U.K. Visa to her 27-year-old Nigerian Husband.

Angela, 72, a U.K citizen reportedly married CJ Nwachukwu, 27, just three months after they met on Facebook.

She was set to have met her Nigerian hubby for the first when she made a trip to Nigeria for their wedding. 

Angela, a retired taxi driver from Dorchester, Dorset, who is insistent Nwachukwu is her "missing rib" was said to haver spent over £20,000 visiting him and making plans to jet him into the UK.

However, she became upset and hurt after Nwachukwu was denied VISA into the U.K.

She though, remianed resolute to continue with her newly found love despite the denial, insisting their marriage still stands.



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