A Flashback To 1967 Food Starvation War Strategy Against Ndi Igbo

This photo of Nigerian soldiers intercepting a car conveying food to Biafra, captures the hatred that fuelled Nigeria’s genocidal war against Biafra.
The relentless bombing of Biafra by Egyptian & Soviet pilots hired by the Nigerian government, made it impossible to grow food in Biafraland.

Food aid donated by foreigners who were sympathetic to the plight of Biafrans, was confiscated and left to rot at Apapa wharf with the intention of using hunger as a weapon of war; Cassava leaves became vegetables and lizards became meat. Malnutrition turned into Edema, Marasmus or kwashiorkor which led to the death of more than 2 million Biafrans according to @ICRC (Red Cross) and the World Council of Churches.

Three-Quarters of those who perished from starvation were children. One can only imagine the agony of dying from hunger, it has to be the most painful way to die, especially for a child.

But, their death speaks volumes, in the sense that they were given two options; return to Nigeria or die of hunger and they choose death instead of returning to Nigeria. Perhaps because they had witnessed how barbaric Nigeria is (during the 1966 anti-Igbo pogrom).

Add that to the fact that Yakubu Gowon and his fellow war criminals such as the power hungry Obafemi Awolowo also confiscated Biafran owned properties all over Nigeria and froze their bank accounts in Nigerian banks in violation of international laws.

To add salt to injury, 50 years later when we observed a ‘sit at home’ for our relatives who perished during the genocidal war, the grandchildren of those who massacred our grandparents had the audacity to hold a press conference ordering our people out of the Northern region with threats of violence and dispossession (http://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/more-news/233266-arewa-groups-ask-igb...).

Our parents who survived the planned genocide of our people, may prefer not to discuss these traumatic events. It's quite understandable from a psychological perspective. But, we must NEVER allow Nigeria & their colonial masters to suppress or distort the narrative about one of the greatest injustice in recent history. Biafra = Justice!


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