Anambra Is The Most Developed State In Nigeria, Attorney Emeka Gives Interesting Reasons

According to Dr. Emeka Maduewesi, Anambra state is the most developed state in Nigeria. 

He argued that this is depite the utter negligence of the state an the entire South East by the Federal governments of Nigeria.

His statement...

Igbo Nation: Anambra State as a measure

Despite all the federal government of Nigeria has done to stifle Ndigbo since the end of the Biafran war, Anambra State, by dint of local ingenuity and hardwork, is comparatively the most developed state in Nigeria.

The federal government policy of assigning the highest cut-off mark for admission into federal schools to those whose state of origin is Anambra did not stop them from having more PhD. holders than any other state. This is according to a recent release from the National Universities Commission.

Despite the absence of federal government funded infrastructure and the total absence of multinational companies, the state has an auto assembly plant, many motorcycle assembly plants, many auto parts plants, and is generally industrialized.

When you look at the South East and Anioma, you will appreciate the resilient and industry of the Igbo nation. When you look at other states and exclude federal projects, multinationals, houses and businesses owned by "Igbo migrants", the difference between Hennessy and Ekpeteshi becomes crystal clear.

I assert that the Igbo have invested more than any other ethnic group in the unity, physical and human resources development of Nigeria. Using federal character and quota system to hold them down is just plain wickedness; mans inhumanity to fellow man.

The Igbo wants fairness, justice, equality and equity. Period.

Written by Emeka Maduewesi

Emeka Maduewesi is a Technology, Intellectual Property and Antitrust attorney with over 28 years cross-border experience. He was also, a former Google Document Review Attorney.


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