Between The Handcuffed NmaDd Kani And The Freed Boko Hara Commanders

This is what one gets in Nigeira. A country where normal global realities become abnormal and abnormal global realities are only normal.

One can't possibly tell why almost nothing works in this country. The wheels of development are crippled by nepotism, devilish minds and antics of politicians. 

They introduce any instrument, antics and game possible that will ensure they perpetuate their self-servijg interests and aggrandisement. It therefore, doesn't mean a thing if millions of innocent souls are murdered in a day, so far as they have their way.

Boko Haram was a case in hand. Prior to the 2015 elections they were a case in hand meet for propaganda. The obsession of this government to get grip of power by all means ensured they managed the crisis masterly to their favour. 

Although many raised the dust that majority of politicians in the opposition camp from the north were core sponsors of the deadly sect, public gullibility and misinformation prevailed in the face of strong propaganda.

With Nnamdi Kanu in detention for charges so flimsy that it didn't take long two court judges dismissed, them. Whenever he and his fellow IPOB Prisoners were going to court, uninformed persons would mistake him and his colleagues to be world class terrorists for the presence of heavy security and the manner he was so guarded. 

In several occasions, the court would be locked against those who went to facilitate with him security men would mount outside with Security dogs and amunition. He was always handcuffed while others were mostly free.

On the contrary, Boko Haram leaders who head one of the deadliest terrorists groups in the world have killed thousands of innocent citizens and rendered many areas in the northeast desolate, were seen in the court seated with comfort and bliss, chatting and apparently having good time in the court room.

Can we compare the condition of Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison and that of the Boko Haram leaders so people can grasp and relate with the real intent of this Buhari led administration; to totally either subjugate or obliterate the Igbo race.?
The fact is just incontrovertible.

Kanu and others can never be convicted with the baseless charges of the govt unless by connivance which they are beginning to pronounce with the introduction of Sharia law which of course, must never take effect. 

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