Chiwetel Umeadi Ejiofor

A young man you would in most possible cases ascribe the supposition that “death comes early to its believers,” lives as a counteragent that has ridiculed the powerfulness of death over humans for his abstruse and circumventing survival of the cataclysmic (fatal) accident that claimed the life of all the passengers aboard his Father’s ride as they holidayed in the city of Lagos in 1988. 

He was just eleven (11) and life was ready to grace him with the battered memory of horror and of course, submit him to the painful end of fate. Chiwetelu Ejiofor was however, in no wise, the surmountable wimp of sort. Doggedness and ike obi (power of heart) that were irked by the resurgence of this yet marveling success-hungry spirit of the Igbo people rivaled and prevailed self-pity and incapacitation of any kind that seemed constraining to the young Chiwetelu hence, his unsurprising fast rise to stardom.

Chiwetelu Umeadi Ejiofo, Our brother and son, “nwa ejiofor I of Ezeagu” in the Coal City State, born on the 10th of July, 1977, to Doctor Arinze and Pharmacist Obiajulu Ejiofor has a strong personality which is well compatible with his name, Chiwetelu (God brought) as he is glaringly, a gift from the heavens to humanity for being a blessing to so many with his acting prowess and philanthropic allure; a name he refused to change even meeting the fiercest criticisms from the racial West on his way to stardom.

He is in no less, an embodiment of resilience, impeccability, homeliness, intellectualism and many other much greater qualities you would find housed in the Igbo person. His mastery of Art, Acting and associate professions in the entertainment industry has earned him multiple and prestigious global Awards and Recognitions. The near impossibility of giving count begs for the inclusion of just few here such as: BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award in 2006, Five Golden Globe Award nominations, The Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor, Academy Award, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Nominations, The BAFTA Award for Best Actor, 2013 and many other hundreds.

Though he yet enjoys his “okorobia” (bachelorhood), it is apparent that the responsibilities of the family well overwhelm his youthfulness, the evidence of which was his efforts to ensure the traditional wedding of his younger sister, Dr Ndibe was a true success.  One would wonder how such an accomplished global figure whose achievements resound well across boundaries and minds could not be a real pride of his people.