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We are open to partnership, sponsorship as we look forward to expanding our site to fully reflect our initiative of a forum for Umu-Igbo nile.

You can reach us via the underlisted contact means.

09054762972 or

Chukwu gozie unu...!!

Nka a bu nke anyi...Umu-Igbo...


Meanwhile: Igbobia is a forum for umu-igbo nile. Everybody is free to upload news contents, information and engage in discussion.

We are working tirelessly to add more features that are better engaging and user-friendly.

Please, create your own account and topic at the bottom. IT IS FREE!!

Let us unite umunne n' umunna...anyi bu ofu us share this message...Ka Chukwu gozie umu-Igbo ya n' ala Igbo

Igbo makaanu!


Click on "create forum topic" at the can create a topic urself and upload

I will do my part I promise!!! DALU NWANNA


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