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Bishop T.D. Jakes Visits Nigeria For The First After Tracing His Root To Igbo Land, Gifted A Presentation

Nwafor Igbo no na mba, Bishop T.D.Jakes popular pastor and founder of the Potter's House recently traced his root down to Igbo land.

He visited Nigeria recently and was honoured with a presentation from House On The Rock's Founder and Senior Pastor, Paul Adefarasin and his wife, Ifeanyi Adefarasin

Ada Igbo, Ifeanyi took to her Instagram page to celebrate the presentation.

We Will Use The One Week Igbo Day Celebration To Pray To God On Biafra Struggle, Marginalization Of Igbos -- Ohaneze Ndigbo

The pan-Igbo highest social-political and cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo plans to seek God’s intervention in the present marginalization and intense difficulties the Igbo are at present facing in Nigeria in the 2017 Igbo Day celebration.

The National Organising Committee chairman for the event, Dr. Greg Ibe, revealed this plan together with his committee’s timetable for the glamorous event when he briefed World Press at Enugu, yesterday, Monday.

Reason You Should Always Stand Tall As An Igbo!

Emeka Maduewesi writes...

My kids are more than of average heights for their respective ages. In all group photographs with their peers, they try to shrink so they will be of same height with others. I told them that this was unacceptable. I exhorted them to always stand tall, upright to their true heights.

My daughter, a very compassionate 10 year old, explained that she stoops so that others will not feel small. She would not want to injure their feelings. My son nodded in affirmation.

See Bizarre Figure That Emerged At Nnewi New Yam Festival Celebration

Nnewi indigenes (Umu Nnewi) celebrated their New Yam festival (Iri Ji) yesterday, Sunday, and it was lit.

However, just as the glamorous event inflamed, the spectators who were caught up in the celebration were presented with a bizarre figure which mimicked a ghost.

The human-ghost figure sent people on their hills as they were scared off with its appearance.

Here are the pictures. Try not to be scared.


Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ụbọchi taa)

Tupu ilụọ nwanyi di ya nwụrụ, jụọ ya ihe gburu di ya

Literal Translation: Before you marry a widow, ask her what killed her husband.

Proverbial Meaning: This proverb has divergent interpretations. It could cover so many other interpretations including the following: ask questions before making decisions; not all women whose husbands died are innocent; some women contribute to their husbands' death; be careful to research on something before taking a embarking on it.

72 Year Old U.K Woman Cries Out After Her Lover, Igbo Son Was Denied VISA Into The U.K.

A 72-year-old grandmother of 6 has lamented over the denial of U.K. Visa to her 27-year-old Nigerian Husband.

Angela, 72, a U.K citizen reportedly married CJ Nwachukwu, 27, just three months after they met on Facebook.

She was set to have met her Nigerian hubby for the first when she made a trip to Nigeria for their wedding. 

Angela, a retired taxi driver from Dorchester, Dorset, who is insistent Nwachukwu is her "missing rib" was said to haver spent over £20,000 visiting him and making plans to jet him into the UK.

The Ekpe Masquerade Cult In Igbo Land

The Ekpe masquerade cult was originally introduced into southern Igboland (Imo, parts of Ebonyi, and Abia) by the Aro people, who had borrowed the cult from the Efik (in Cross Rivers State). In Arochukwu (the homeland of the Aro people) and its environs, the cult was known as 'Ekpe', while elsewhere it was known as 'Okonko'. The masquerade cult served as a governing body in local village politics and was the custodian of the nsibiri script (a secret written language employed by the cult).

Umu Igbo Unite, Houston Chapter Set To Conduct Historic Election In The US

In keeping our Igbo culture and identity alive, our brothers and sisters in Houston, United States of America are set to constitute another body of executives to carry on with the reins of power. 

The association, Umu Igbo Unite, Houston Chapter, has released full list of contestants for each of the available positions in the soon to come election. 

It published the full list on its Instagram page for the awareness of all.

Photo Of The Day

Throwback picture of Actors Forest Whitaker & Danny Glover after receiving Chieftancy titles in Nkwerre.

Whitaker was given the title, "Nwannedinambe Of Nkwerre" meaning "A Brother in Foreign Land" while Glover received the title "Enyioma of Nkwerre," which means "A Good Friend."

Whitaker had taken a DNA test showing that his paternal ancestry hailed from ala Igbo

How Umu Igbo Hate Their Language

Umunne...nke a bu eziokwu

"Just tell an Igbo person that you are studying Igbo in the university. That day, he gives up on you and will never pick your call again. He sees you as an archaic, a low-life personified. But tell an Igbo person you are studying Arabic Studies, he will praise you. Onye mere anyị ihe a?"

Maazi Ogbonnaya said it.