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How Igbo Language Is Dying Gradually

Nke a bu eziokwu...the essnce and value of our Language are dying fastly.

(IGBOtic mixture) Just legodi:

1-->SENDiaram airtime

2-->HELPutum juo ya

3-->SITigodi down

4-->STANDigodi up

5-->SHIFTuoro m

6-->Ha eCLOSEzula the shop

7-->I na eDISTURB m biko or eDISTURBzilam biko

8-->CHECKie m in next five minutes

9-->I REACHie gi agwam

10-->Achorom I ENTERgodi bike

11-->Ihe I na eSPEAKi sef

12-->akam na eTHINKi ya

The "Okike" Status Of The Ọzọ In Igbo Land

Among the Igbo of the Nwafia-Onitsha-Idemili-Abagana axis of Igboland, the 'Okike' is a highly-regarded status symbol and instrument carried by Ọzọ-titled men. Being fashioned from hollowed elephant tusks, the instrument is only blown on special occasions and festivals in which display of its grandeur is warranted. 

Before it was hunted to extinction in Igboland, the elephant, being the largest of all wild animals, was highly respected and revered.

The acquisition of its tusks was seen as a feat capable only by those who display excellence, strength, and character.

Rochas Okorocha Orders Traditional Leaders In Imo State No To Speak English Language

You may not agree with him, but that is his opinion.

The Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha has mandated the traditional rulers (ndi Igwe na ndi Ichie) of his state not to speak English at any public functions in all the communities in the state.

According to Okorocha, it is only acceptable and rightly so, that the monarchs speak in Igbo language, as they are seen as the symbol of cultural heritage and custodians of the Igbo tradition in Imo State.

Dreadlocks "Isi Dada" In Igbo Land: What You Don't Know

The stories veer in different but very intricate dimentions of thought and narratives. Some mere folklores and others a scholarly investigative narrative seemingly targted at unravelling the mysteries that lie under. It all has to do with the DREADLOCKS, Isi Dada, in Igbo. 

One of the most controversial and least well interpreted phenomena in Igbo traditional system and culture is the baby with Dreadlocks or Isi Dada. We enlist the narratives of Igbo History and Walter Dinjos to put the phenomenon in proper perspective.