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Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Ogologo abụrọ na nwa abugo (etogho).

Literal Translation: Height does not mean that the child has grown.

Proverbial Meaning: A person's height does not determine one's wisdom, maturity; growth is not a determinant of progress or success.

Note: It is the philosophy of the Igbo people that growth and maturity of the child lie in his discerning ability and wisdom as a child.

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Onye ekwụjọna ụbọchi oge chi ejiberọ.

Literal Translation: No one should speak bad of the day till night comes.

Proverbial Meaning: do not rush to claim bad fate when things go bad at the early stage of life, fortune could come late in life;  until death comes, life could turn around for good.

I nwere nkọwa nke gi...biko dee ya eba a...(do you have your own interpretation? please, comment below)

The Ritual, Process And Culture Of Rainmaking Igbo Land

Rainmaking is real. Contrary to opinions held by hardened realists and sufferers of religious dogma, rainmaking is clearly different from rainfall. The former occurs through a traditional process of ritual and incantations, while the later is believed to be from the natural process created by God himself.

We take perspectives from two sources on this intellectual piece to demystify the ritual, process and culture of rianmaking in Igbo land.  

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Igbo History

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Ahapụ otele (ike) nyụrụ ahụ, abụọ (ekee) isi ọkpọ.

Literal Meaning: The anus that farted is left alone but the head receives the knock.

Proverbial Meaning: the person that commits a crime may not bear the consequences of the crime, but another; injustices are served sometimes to the innocent.

I nwere nkọwa nke gi...biko dee ya eba a...(do you have your own interpretation? please, comment below)

The Pyramid Of The Nsude People, Wonder Of The Craft Of Ndi-Igbo

The ancient Igbo people were masters in craft and arts. They built quite astonishing world class crafts and of course, the Pyramid of ]the Nsude people is part of the evidences of this great talent in craft of the Igbo people.

Pyramids and pyramid-like structures have been known to serve religious purposes in cultures around the world. In Igboland, the people of Nsude (in what is now Enugu State) constructed various step-pyramids in honor of local deities.

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Ka' ima nke a, ima nke ọzọ?

Literal Translation: Since you know this particular thing, do you know the other thing?

Proverbial Meaning: Knowledge is ad inifito, no one knows all in the world of Knowledge; humans are limited in the realm of knowledge.

Note: as much as the Igbo society is practically idealistic, it recognises certain limitations of man in the society. 

Checkout How Humblesmith Rocked Our (Igbo) Fashion...We Should All Learn From Him, Chijioke Writes

This is why we must love this Nwafor, Humblesmith.

Ever since he broke into the music scene and claimed the ears of Afro-pop lovers, Humblesmith has continued both in his sound, expression, conduct and whatever way seemingly possible to proejct and extol our great culture.

Nwafor, Chijioke Ngobili, onye oka mmuta, calls our mind to the new blend of style Humblesmith has dared to bring on board to showcase Igbo traditional wears and fashion.

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Onye fee eze, eze eruo ya aka

Literal Translation: He who serves the king, kingship will reach him

Proverbial Meaning: One who wants to be great in life must serve the great; one needs necessary experience from expert in the profession one wants to venture into to also, become an expert; service is a virtue one receives after giving.

Note: Part of the strongest values and ideals of the Igbo society is service. Service is as much important as wealth.

I Will Not Accept Chieftaincy Titles Until I Leave Office...Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa Declares

Nwafor, the incumbent govewrnor of Delta state, Ifeanyi Okowa says no to Chieftaincy titles until he leaves office.

Possibly speaking against the backdrop of undue favours of Chieftaincy titles given to high ranked political offfice holders by traditional rulers, Okowa made the declaration yeaterday, Tuesday, when he paid a courtesy call on the Odio Ologbo of Oleh in Isoko South local government area of Delta State, HRM Anthony Ovramwah who was celebrating his 80th birthday. 

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Okwu banyere ego, ogbenye agba nkiti.

Literal Translation: When talk centers on money, the poor become silent.

Proverbial Meaning: Poverty brings timidity and inferiority complex; wealth and riches endow honour and boldness.

Note: Wealth in Igbo society is so essential that the wealthy is highly regarded. They are the ones who have a say and decide the fate of the Society.

Igbo society is practically hostile to the poor and repressive to poverty. 

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Onye ma ife echi ga abu.

Literal Translation: Who knows what tommorrow will be.

Proverbial Meaning: SUture moments are unpredictable; humans are incapable of knowning or seeing the future.

Note: Igbo belief in the Chi, the personal god of an Igbo person and the Chineke, the supreme God of the universe. as the owner of destinies and saddled with the powers to see the future and determine, is long standing.