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#Teachthemyoung: Denying Your Children Knowledge Of Igbo Culture Is Both Foolish And Heartless

Teach them young...inculcate our values into our children. It is a duty you owe them an our society.

The elders say that a prince(ss) is never lost in a foreign land; Nwa Eze anaghi efu n’mba.

In other words, if you're proud of your heritage, you’ll never prefer another person’s heritage to yours.

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Teach them young.

Teach your children our culture, inculcate into them the rich values and morals in our culture. It is their identity, their way of life, their mark of existence and their essence of living.

Biko, kuzielu umu gi omenala/omenani anyi...

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Izu ka mma na nne ji.

Literal Translation: Discussion is at its best when it is done by siblings.

Proverbial Meaning: secrecy of certain discussion is necessary; there are important matters necessary to be kept within the caucus of a group or within brothers; 

Note: this proverb is created to express the import and necessity of having brotherhood and preserving some secrets of brothers (brothers in this context implies people from both sexes united by birth).


Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Ọsọ chụọ nwata, ọ gbaga ikwu Nne ya.

Translation: When a child is pursued from his father's home, he runs into his mother's home for refuge.

Proverbial Interpretation: One's mother's home is one's home; One's mother's family is also one's family.

I nwere nkọwa nke gi...biko dee ya eba a...(do you have your own interpretation? please, comment below)

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Ube mere ihe/ife eze ji rachaa ntu.

Literal Translation: The pear made the King to lick ashes.

Proverbial Translation: certain enjoyments or euphera make the noble or the highly respected in the society loose sense of their esteem and behave in certain ways not commmiserate with their position in the society; some certain certain enjoyment often come with degradation.

Do You Know This Great Facts About Age Grade?

Age grade is called "otu" or "otu ndi" or "otu afa" or otu ogbe" or gb"

Whichever ways it is mentioned, Aga grade common in Igbo culture and societal strata and takes centre stage of Igbo life and existence. 

In this article, we are graciously offered some hidden facts we may not have accessed on age grade.

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