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Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Arụsi kpakaria ike, egosi ya osisi ejiri pia ya.

Literal Interpretation: If an oracle forments too much trouble, it will be shown the wood it was carved from

Proverbial Meaning: The creator of a thing has power of that thing; you can be greater than your creator.

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Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Nnụnụ isi akaghi aka adighi eje ọgụ ọtụrụ kpọ-kpọ.

Literal translation: A bird whose head is not strong does not go for a fight with a woodpecker.

Porverbial Meaning: One does not go into a challenge with someone that is greater than one; a person can not put up a fight against an opponent that is clearly greater than him.


Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)

Atufuo nkirinka nkata, ụbọchi ájá achọba ya.

Literal Translation: If old basket is thrown away/disposed of, on the day of sacrifices it will be sought.

Proverbial Meaning: One should not do away with what will be important to one in a later time.

Note: in Igbo tradition, basket is used to carry offerings of sacrifices. It is quite and indispensable means in moving the offerings to the shrines of sacrifices.

Body Scarification In Igbo Land...Real Facts About The Ritual

These simple facts are brought to bare, what you may not have heard about the ritual of scarification.

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"Bodily scarification, as both an essential art form and means of social stratification, is embedded into the sinews of many sub-Saharan African societies. Amongst the Igbo ethnic group, bodily scarification serves numerous important functions in society. Primarily, as is common in many parts of the Igbo-speaking world, facial and bodily scarification were traditionally used as forms of medicine.

Igbo Culture Permits Homosexuality...Igbos Practice It --- Leo Igwe's Discovery

Leo Igwe wrote on homosexuality or same sex marriage on 23rd June, 2009. I find his article insightful and highly revealing just as much as I find it disturbing.

My worries precede from the distortion of morality and cultural values of the Igbo communities in the article. Igwe failed to address these two issues in his thought or perhaps, to be safer, avoided to express them and establish the relativity between the Igbo cultural values and this practice of same sex marriage.

Igbo Leap Year...Hidden Facts About The Igbo Calendar

How many of us especially, the youths have understanding of the Igbo leap year? Not too many and even the few that do, may not have proper insight on the phenomenon.

Read these excerpts...quite insightful

"In order to arrange the calendar, according to the statement made to me, a leap year, known as Ar'uku, was made once in four years, and Asabwa's Oza, that is to say, the one held in January, was four days later than normally. 

Proverb For The Day (Ilu Nke Ubochi Taa)

Onye bute chi ya ụzọ, ọ gbagbue onwe ya n'ọsọ.

Literal Translation: He who goes ahead of before his god,  races till infinity.

Proverbial Meaning: those who fail to subject to the leading of God or their gods will end in ruin or bad luck; one should consult one's personal god before one makes any move; God or the gods have control over the destinies of men and therefore, know best in life.

Igbo Martial Arts (Mgba), A Wonder To Behold...A Story The Will Marvel You (Part 1)

The Igbo Martial Arts (Mgba) is a wonder, famed cultural activity whose glory underpined in its cultural relevance and interplay is radiated every part of the Igbo society.

The tale on Mgba is one of many that puts in real perspective the nature and natural endowment the Igbo male is blessed with.

Here is a narrative that will get you really in-the-know. Read on.... 

How Well Do You Teach Your Children Igbo Proverb; The Wisdom Of Our People?

Do you teach your children Igbo proverbs?

Many of our people lack the import and marvelling power of the Igbo proverb (Ilu Igbo).

In the numerous indispensabilities of this intellectual tool of a great people of Igbo extraction lie wisdom, knowledge and rational perspective of life; our cosmological and ontological existence.

Umu-Igbo in London have found it imperative to do the needful; teach the younger ones Igbo proverb and imput in them the great wisdom of life. 

Prof Herbert Igboanusi Demands Our Igbo Political Leaders To Adopt Our Language In Schools

This is a step in the right direction. How I wish more of learned persons from Ala Igbo like Professor Herbert would have the courage and be awakened to share these words of wisdom.

Weeks ago, Odogwu Nwafor, Herbert Igboanusi, Professor of Socio-linguistics and Igbo Stylistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, called on the Igbo leaders in government to come up with a reform in education system in Igboland to be built on Igbo language.

"The Gender Problem In Igbo Land"...Wrong Assumptions People Hold About Igbo Culture

When people make their erroneous and irrational assumptions about Igbo culture, I feel strongly urged to fix their intellectual depletion. Of course, the only and best way to do that is to get handy, some well-thought out intellectual piece like this. 

This article demystifies the mythical thoughts and assumptions of many about the Igbo cultural ideals and practices and, it does put everyone in the right perspective.

Have and interesting read...

Imagine!! See List Of Items Each Tenants Must Bring For The Burial Of Their Landlord In Abia State this punishment or what?

As shared by Abia Facts Newspaper, attached below is a list of items each tenant was demanded to bring to bury their landlord in Umuagu, Obingwa LGA of Abia State.

The items include: 
5 cartons of Beer 
5 cartons of Malt
2 Hot Drink 
1 Igbo Goats 
4 Kola-nut 
4 Alligator Pepper 
N80k Cash

Bikonu, are we in military-cultural rule?

Proverb For the Day (Ilu n'ke ubochi taa)


Onye iro mmadu gbuo agụ, asi na o gburu nke nọ n'ụra.

Literal Translation: If one's enemy kills a lion, they say he killed a sleeping one. 

Proverbial meaning: people seek to rubbish the efforts of others no matter how good or great they are

I nwere nkọwa nke gi...biko dee ya eba a...(do you have your own interpretation? please, comment below)


Legal Dramatic Battle Erupts Among Traditional Rulers In Anambra

It was dramatic, but from the legal angle.

The Awka Council of Kingmakers in Anambra State, on Sunday, reportedly dethrone the traditional ruler of Awka kingdom, Obi Gibson Nwosu over alleged violation of the community’s constitution.

The kingmakers were said to have leveled 18 allegations against him, including accusing him of violating the Traditional Rulers Amended Constitution for Awka 1986, as well as the Code of Conduct which he reportedly signed on January 1, 2000 after he was crowned.