Do You Know Any Imprisoned Biafran That Never Saw The Skies?

The defunct republic of Biafra was 77,000 sqkm in size. It was just a fraction bigger than Niger state (76,363 sqkm) and Borno state (70,898 sqkm) yet it took all the blows, blockade and strafing.

Biafra was also a prison to many of its citizens who had reservations about it. Notable among them was the remaining most senior Igbo army officer, Col Hillary Njoku who was detained as long as the republic lasted.

I read he was locked up because he chose Decree 8 instead of Biafra. Dr Chike Obi, the great mathematician was another Biafran who never saw the skies of Biafra. I don't even know why he was detained. There are certain things about Biafra we may never know.

Then there was Margaret Ekpo. I keep thinking she was Efik but folks have since forced me to accept she was Igbo from Anambra.She never saw the skies of Biafra. She was locked out somewhere in solitary confinement.I keep wondering what she was fed daily given that food was scarce in Biafra. How the hell did she cope?

Well, that would be like asking how Chimamanda Adichie is coping now.

On a serious note, why were Chike Obi and Margaret Ekpo imprisoned in Biafra? I know they may have been "sabos" but what offense got them into prison?

Do you know any other Biafran that never saw the Biafran skies? Not the estimated millions that died but those locked away in jail. Please enlighten us!

Discussion opened by Mbe Nwaniga

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