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Ada Ugwu, The Seasoned Writer Is Set For Her UK Tour

Well, for the few uninformed, Ada-Igbo, Arese Ugwu is a profound writer and an entrepreneur whose best selling financial piece "Smart Money Woman" sets her right on the pedestrian of the fast rising young entrepreneurs storming the global business scene.

With much dedication, hard work and resilience, well driven by by her unique skills, the seasoned writer has bagged numerous awards and recognitions, and, of course, she is getting the much needed global attention.

Igbo People Are Like Ukpaka Tree: Interesting Facts American Professor Gives About Ndi-Igbo

Professor Francis W. Prictchett, Professor of Literature at the Columbia University, brings to us a new but, spectacular approach to understanding the Igbo people; their nature, identity and idiosyncrasies. In sheer grasp of the Igbo culture, the Professor of Emeritus draws an analogy between Ndi-igbo and the Ukpaka or Ugba tree to establish that uncommon nature of the Igbo people…which is, the drive for (economic) adventure.

Ken Nnamani, Others To Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree From UNIZIK

FORMER Senate President, Chief Ken Nnamani, former diplomat, Alhaji Shehu Malami and a businessman, Chief Clem Nwogbo have been shortlisted for the award of honorary doctorate degrees to take place in the 11th convocation ceremony of Nnamdi Azikiwe University on Friday in Awka.

Nwada Obianuju Ndaguba Has Some Lessons To Share With Ndi-igbo

Now, I am sure many of us, umu-igbo may not know this beauty, Obianuju Ndaguba. That makes it much more possible the fact that many of us don't know she is an oratory genius; a writer with impeccable style of narration that disembles and dymmestifies communication barriers in stories and tales.

Ribadu Chosen To Deliver Nnamdi Azikiwe Convocation Lecture Tomorrow

Bikonu...umunne...does he merit it?

Talk of Nnamdi Azikiwe, talk of a global reputable figure; an linchpin of the Independence struggle, unsurpassed in his efforts and contributions to the emancipation and self-determination struggle of Nigeira. You talk of a man of honour and erudite in politics and human activism.

To honour this simple legend of uncommon history, an institution was named after him and as such, lectures are held yearly in his memory and esteem.

How I Learnt To Speak Igbo...Chinua Achebe Changed My View: May, 2000 Article Of American Writer, Frances W. Pritchett

Dr. Frances W. Pritchett is Professor Emerita of Modern Indic Languages Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies. In this article, she talks about how she learnt Igbo and her experience with umuigbo that changed her life.


INEC & THE ANAMBRA CENTRAL SENATORIAL RE-RUN ELECTION: What Ndi Anambra Must know...Harrison Madubueze

For quite some days now most of the naive persons has continued to celebrate the INEC's inability to have announced the Anambra Central Re-run Election.

The fact remains that the said delayed election is not all about Chief Sir Victor Umeh. It is simply about the future of our people. It is about the fact that our share is missing at the centre. It is about the Igbo's and incomplete number of legislators.

Chude Jideonwo: What it Means to be Tara

You know him right? The illustrous son of the soil...nwafor... who earned accolades for being the youngest Nigerian journalist ever to interview a sitting President, Goodluck Jonathan, in 2011; as well, the Co-founder of YAfrica and Ynaija whic are both youth and insiration-driving blogs.

Chude Jideonwo has not let down the expectation of his ever-wanting-more and intellectually exuberant youth-followers as he keeps unlocking their minds with essential ingredients of knowledge.

Igbo Fact File..."How You Know A Divorced Woman"...Mazi Odera

Any Lady that wakes up in the Morning and throughout the day keeps bashing Husbands just know she is a Divorcee or that She has terrible character that no man can marry her.

So She is sharing her frustration and recruiting other fortunate and married ladies ,trying with all her muscle to make them divorcee or even Widows.

If you see them just run like a Rabbit pursued by a Snake ...

They are the Evil Vampires of the loose and Mazi Odera is saying do not look back in their direction because they are ala adighi nma .

Igbo Fact File... "The Hot Tackles In Anambra Governorship Race"...By Orjika Chidiebere

There is nothing confusing with the issue of knowing your target audience even in political marketing.

The concept of saying the 'right thing to the right people and at the right time" is universally applicable. Thus, the difference is as clear as 7up what a Candidate and an aspirant is within the premise of political electioneering.

I am not going to form Micheal West here trying to define what the two terms mentioned above not only means but implies when discussing politics.

Igbo Young Man Rusticated From University Of Ibadan For Allegedly Insulting The VC

Ife a ọkwesiri ekwesi?

An Igbo young man, 200 Level student of the University of Ibadan identified as Anyanwu Kingsley has reportedly been expelled from the University of Ibadan.

Anyanwu allegedly insulted both the vice chancellor and other principal officers of the institution.

He, as reports have it, made some comments tagged abusive directed to the VC during the Student Union page during the massive protest tagged #freemote. 

It was also reported that UI made it the 2nd school Anyanwu would be rusticated from, which he dismissed.