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1900-1915 Throwback Picture Of Ọzọ Staff (Traditional Chiefs) In Igbo Land

This is a cross-section of the tradtional High Cheifs, ztitle holders and their staff between the colonial periods of 1900-1915.

The were the favorites of the colonialists who were used to adminster the traditional Igbo communities and were widely recognised as Paramount Chiefs.

Most of the pictures of the traditional people were either taken by the colonialists, their Missionary counterparts or learned traditional Igbo people who had travelled out and lent the trade of Photography 

Ndi Igbo Were Originally Called Ndi Gboo...Revealing History Of The Identity Of Igbo People

This article from Obododimma Oha entitled "Igbo, Ndigbo, and Ndi Gboo: Lost Identities and Speculative Loss x-rays the misplacement of the Igbo identity by the colonialists.

Indeed, it is revealing and as much insighful as it is historical...read on...

Igbos Are The First Settlers In Ile Ife, Obi Achebe Reveals

At the three-day International conference held in honour and remeberance of the late literary icon, Chinua Achebe organised by the Centre for African Studies, University o f Nigeria, Nsukka, the Obi of  Onitsha, HRM Igwe Alfred Achebe, said the late prolific author, Chinua Achebe, would always be remembered by Ndigbo  for projecting the Igbo world view, the history, culture and cosmology.

Meet 18 Year-Old Biafran Soldier Who Now Suffers From Memory Loss 50 Years After The War

Gideon Njoku, 68, remembers and forgets. He is suffering from memory loss – a result of the psychological and emotional trauma he passed through during the war.

“Sometimes I lose my mind. I look around sheepishly like someone who is lost, I don’t know what to say,” he said, removing the T-shirt he was wearing and hung it on the wall. “We might be discussing something very important now and the next second I am blank. I won’t know what to say again. You will think I was just joking but it’s not,” he said scratching his head.

See The 18th Century 20 Ft Tower Of Dike And The Interesting Story Behind It

Any person referred to as ‘Dike’ in Igbo land is a great man and must have performed an extraordinary feat to deserve the title. In times past, it was used for great warriors who had shown exceptional bravery at war. Dike Madueke, who lived and died in Ukpor before 1700, falls under this category. He is reputed as the greatest warrior in Ukpor land. He led the people to many wars, perfecting a strategy that enabled the people defeat their enemies all around.

History And Mystery Of Nkwerre Opia Egbe, Igbo Deity Of Blacksmithing  

According to one version of Nkwerre folklore, Chukwu Okike, the creator deity, sent Ogadazu, the patron deity of iron and blacksmithing, to the Okoto forest and instructed him to teach the first son of Okwaraeshi (the mythical founder of Nkwerre) he met the art of smithing. Nachi, a young man who would eventually become the founder of Umunachi, was gathering fruits in the forest when he ran into Ogadazu, who gave him a hammer, an anvil, a pair of bellows, and imbued him with knowledge of metallurgy and the ability to forge iron ore into metal wares. 

"During The Biafran War, I Picked Dead Children On The Street Everyday"....Ojukwu's Aide Gives Shocking Account

Chief Chukwuemeka Ejiofor, Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to Biafra founder and Warlord, General Odumegwu Ojukwu, gives us unknown facts and experiencesof the gruesome Nigeria-Biafra war of 1967-1970.

Dailypost reports at age 21, he voluntarily joined the Nigerian Army as an officer before defecting to the Biafran Army when the declaration was made in 1967.

The Value Of Human Head In Igbo Land

Many West African cultures place immense spiritual value on the human head and recognize it as a powerful indicator of overall wellness. In this region the head is regarded as the most significant part of the human body, and thus great care is taken to maintain its health and cleanliness through thorough personal grooming and hygiene. Among the Igbo and their neighbors, various hairstyling trends encompassing twists, plaits, braids, knots, and the like have been traditionally employed by both men and women to promote feminine beauty and male grooming.

Revelations By American Writer..."How Countries Conspired On The Genocide Against Biafra" (A Must Read)

This is the speech by Mr. Maxwell Cohen, Lawyer, member of the International Law Committee of the American Bar Association; Advisor to the Biafran Government on the United Nations Genocide Convention that reveals the evils and atrocious doom set on the Biafran citizens during the War by the Nigeria-British governments.
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An Eyewitness to Genocide in Biafra:  On the Occasion of the First International Conference on Biafra, in New York, December 7, 1968.