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Reactions From The 1960 Interview Of Sir Ahmadu Bello...More Proof That Nigeria Unity Is Baseless

The current realities that bedevil the so called unity of Nigeria or the one Nigeria spirit are unique and logically connected to the foundation of Nigeria itself.

It is of course, a mere rhetoric to assert that the foundation of Nigeria is inequality and division and it is expected, nothing suggestive of unity or togetherness can ever come to be if the basis is not addressed.

To justify this fact and possibly make suggest remedies, we shall draw reason from the interview of Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Saduarna of Sokoto and the god of the north with BBC jorunalsit back in 1960.

Nigeria Has Always Been Divided And Will Be More Divided If...Read The Truths And Facts

Ahmed bello postulated that Ndi-igbo for their spirit of achievement and economic adventure are a threat to his northern people, Ladoke Akintola agreed with him in his speech where he claimed Ndi-igbo dominated the law offices in the West and filled the positions in Obafemi Awolowo University which he claimed are Yorubas ‘; majority of Ndi-igbo are abreast of and do agree the fact that Obafemi Awolowo connived with the Hausa-Fulani to suppress Ndi-igbo…division deepened

Igbo Fact File...Digging Out The Hidden Facts By Isiodu Ụna Kelechi R.

Guo nka ma muta ihe...

Not much has changed. Has Nigeria acknowledged that the Igbos were wronged? No. Read this view from the past by Stanley Meisler of the Los Angeles Times.

"You may forgive the past, but you must not forget it. Forgiveness allows you to live past the past;forgetting it though, costs you the lesson."

 ...Isiodu Ụna Kelechi R.

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The First Nigeiran Female Pilot Is Igbo: See Her

Umu igbo zuru Ka eme

Captain Chinyere Kalu was born in 1970. She is the first female pilot in Nigeria. A woman grew up in a very supportive big family. She decided to begin her career in Aviation because of her adventurous aunt. Her aunt was well famous for traveling abroad a lot of times. They had the matriarch in their family, so her aunt approved Chinyere’s decision and so a lady began her career into aviation.

Obafemi Awolowo's Answer On His Starvation Policy Against Biafrans: The Hidden Truth.

Nigerian Leaders are as it were, guilty of stiffling the underlinng truths strongly fundamental to the worst historical experience of the country. More baffling is the deliberate obliteration of this bitter reality from the education circle in other to prevent the agitated mind from being abreast of the fact and realities of The Nigeria-Biafra war.

Very Interesting!! Two Guys Fight Over Ojukwu's Role In The Biafra-Nigerian War After A Post: See Their Points

A very entertaining War was sparked between two users Youngadvocate, nwafor Igbo and Intrepid01, onye ofe mmanu, over the post on the  "Read The 1979 Interview Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe Had With Mohammed Haruna On Biafra on an online Forum. What was more interesting was the deviation from the subject matter and concentration on Ojukwu, the Biafran War Lord. Both guys dug it all out.

Read Odumegwu Ojukwu's Interview In 1999...His Predictions Are Coming To Pass.

The reality of the insurmountable problems facing Nigeria today viz, the problem of born-to-rule-mentality of the NORTH and marginalisation  of the SOUTH EAST/SOUTH which have inturn birthed distrust, agitations for seperation and self-determination, blood-shed and deepened hatred and dichotomy, is, as I had stated in my previous post, a RENAISSANCE of the realities of 1967, 40 years ago.

Lol...Throw Back Picture Of Biafra Protesters Dressed In Local Attire In 1967

This is a throwback picture of Igbo Biafran protesters crossing Westminster Bridge in London in August 1967, protesting against British Government and oil company involvement in and support for the Nigerian Federal Government against the secession of Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War. Photo: Rolls Press/Popperfoto.

Igbo Fact File...Chijioke Ngobili

Gụọ ka imuta ihe...

Chinua Achebe had published a novel, “A Man of the People” predicting a coup in the Nigerian government. Shortly after, a coup happened on 15th January, 1966. By the time the counter-coup happened from 29th July, 1966 and continued longer, the Northern military officers had moved from killing off almost all the Igbo soldiers in the Army Barracks of Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta and Kano to killing unarmed, innocent Igbo civilians in the North.