Hstory Of Igbo-- Jeff Unaegbu's Perspective


Eri is not the father of ALL Igbo. There were autochtonous Igbo of the Nsukka and Ehugbo areas who were existing before Eri arrived in the Omabala area of Igbo land, if we are to measure by all the available records and dates of his arrival.

It appears Eri was the first man to successfully organize and popularize A culture of the Igbo to other areas of Igbo lands, subsuming OTHER Igbo cultures in the assimilation process. This even goes down to the Eri creation myth being popular in many parts of Igbo land than other Igbo creation myths.

It appears Eri might have had contact with Egypt or Israel or contact with a culture that had had contact with Egypt or Israel. Many aspects of the culture made popular by Eri bear the Semitic mark.

The Igbo is not one nation. It is made up of many smaller cultures and peoples. Only two known attempts have been made to bring all the groups into an empire-like union for religious and commercial purposes. These attempts are by the Nri and the Aro.

Any scholar who approaches the origins of the Igbo from the assumption that the Igbo must be from one source, may soon get conflicting premises that would end up befuddling the research efforts. This is my educated hypothesis though.

No place on earth, except probably the north and south poles and the oceans, remains uninhabited through time. There are no true autochtons. People stay in a place for a million years or more and then become autochtons and weave a history of having originated from one place. It appears only a place in Africa (Borno) has migrations from it than to it. Borno is where Noah's ark stopped after the deluge. And Igbo land falls within the deserts of Seth, who is a son of Adam. You may research "Borno" and "Desert of Seth"! 

Ndigbo is within the heart of Africa and Africa is the home of all mankind. There are older samples of sapiens in Africa than anywhere else. The atrocities committed on the oldest race is the root cause of the wars and troubles in the world. This may appear ludicrous and goes beyond scientific research. But try to consult the gurus in the Himalayan mountains if you can...

Jeff Unaeggbu


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