Igbos Still Maintain Lead In Literacy Rate

Imo with 96.43% remain the state with the highest literacy rate in Nigeria according to recent statistics from the NBS followed by Lagos in the second position.Honestly,I cant remember when Imo is not always leading the literacy stats.The contention is between other states in the top ten. Yobe is last with 7.2%.
Features editor;Amzat Ajibola,did a splendid analysis in the Guardian newspapers of July 24.''In 2016, the total net statutory amount allocated by Federal Government (FG) to Imo State, which records the highest literacy level, was N29.85billion; Yobe State with the lowest literacy level, received N30.95 billion. Yet, Imo’s population is almost as twice as the population of Yobe '',he wrote.

Ebonyi,created in 1996 is the southern state with the least literacy rate at 77.76.It is also the state with the least federal allocation but its literacy rate is higher than that of all the 19 Northern states except Kogi.On the other hand,Kano,created in 1967,with the highest LGAs in Nigeria and highest federal allocation in the North has a literacy rate of 38.06,that is less than half of Ebonyi.

The 19 Northern state recently announced that they have set up a committee to come up with a Northern consensus stance on restructuring.It is important that this committee and the people of the North look at this and other statistics.
The current structure that gave the defunct Northern region 19 out of the 36 states and 413 local governments out of the 774 has not done anything to improve the dire situation up North.

Relying on this feeding bottle federalism is tightening the noose on the neck of the North and Nigeria.Nigeria has barely a couple of years before this structure choke it to death.One region will die before the others if we look at every indices.

It is up to you to follow the advice of Atiku Abubakar on restructuring!

Credit: Mbe Nwaniga


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