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Chika Ike On Another huge Investment

The entrepreneurial drive and gene of high - achievement needs instilled in the Igbo Sons and Daughters keep them  in the pace. 

The resonance of this spirit of determination and hard work is evident in our daughter, Chike Nancy Ike who is set to break grounds in the well-paying Real Estate business.

Chika Ike (Chichi), Ada Igbo n' Anambra, the accomplished actress and entrepreneur was pictured supervising her buildings undergoing construction which when completed, would set her on same pedestrian with big investors in the indusrty.

Peter of Psqaure Mocks Buhari

Peter Okoye of Psqaure has joined voices byre-tweeting the post of Dr Perefrino Brimah who ridiculed the manner by which the Presidency handle  condition of President Buhari. He re-tweeted "Is Buhari Undergoing A Test Cycle Or Treatment Cycle". 

The tweet is a title of the article of Dr Brimah in which he lampooned the Media Aides of Buahri and the Powers at the Presidencyfor blattantly dishing out lies on the health staus of the President.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Poses With Enugu Rangers as They Leave For Algeria

All set for Friday clash against J.S Saoura of Algeria, Enugu Rangers International Football Club have received motivation from their soccer-loving Governor, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi this afternoon. The Governor met with the management, staff and players of the club which appears to be suffering feat since the inception of this season in the Nigerian Professional Football League, NPFL.He encouraged them howevr, to instill professionalism and commitment in their attitude and think nothing short of winning the match.

LOL! Video of Pro-Buhari Protesters Begging Money to Buy Ordinary Water

Very funny...a twitter user claims the Pro-Buhari supporters who protested today against the Nation-wide protest #IStandWithNigeria met worse than hunger as one as some of them pleaded with her for some money to buy atleast water to wet their dried throat.

Now Jokes

My brother, when you finish that one plate of Mama Nkechi watery beans and you enter bus, please, beg your bombom to behave because you don’t know when that evil sleep will come…and…that babe you don dey eye may just be right behind you.