Just Like Northern Youths, Elders Defend Arewa Youths, Igbo Youths Are Ready To Defend Nnamdi Kanu From Re-Arrest -- Chibueze Ngene

Reacting to an incitful comment by an hausa youth on a popular news site “Gossip Mill. The publisher of Southeast’s formost news blog “Voice Of The East ” Mr Chibueze Ngene has said that igbo youths are ready to stand up for Nnamdi KANU if the Igbo political class won’t.

This reaction came in after an Hausa youth by name Usman Umaru commented this exact words “Buhari can’t and won’t arrest any Arewa youths even if they kill the whole Igbos in the North because Igbos are nothing but slaves in Nigeria. The 95% against 5% in Buhari’s government stand and Igbos will continue to treated like the 5%. Reacting to the hate speech from the Arewa youth. Mr Chibueze Ngene told him that the Igbos are now more United evident in the call by Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo against the call to re-arrest Kanu while the Arewa youths who threatened to kill all Igbos in the North if they don’t leave by 1st October are walking freely and flying around with Northern Governors.

The C.EO of Voice of The East said that any attempt to make the Igbo man feel second class in Nigeria will not be accepted and the Igbo youths are ready to resist any attempt to re-aarrest and humiliate Nnamdi Kanu while the Arewa youths walk around freely enjoying the company of thier northern Governors who they have claimed backed their call for the exit of Igbos from the North before October 1st.

Mr Ngene went ahead to say the Igbo political class has kept shut while thier Northern counterparts hold meetings with thier youths. 
He said Nigeria as a nation for now belongs to all Nigerians and Igbo youths won’t accept anything less.

Nnamdi Kanu may not have been using the best strategy in his demand for Biafra but he Nnamdi Kanu has raised some salient points which no one is yet to submit counter argument.

Nigeria has never been this divided until this administration came into power and the President called the entire Southeast 5% citizens and now the Arewa youths wants to treat Igbos as such.

The President should not even dare using force in resolving the Biafra issue as such will escalate the present problem because the whole of Southeast are beginning to see reasons with Nnamdi Kanu going by the way the Federal government handled the threat against Igbos by Arewa youths.

Till this moment no single person has been arrested.
The body language of the Government has proven that all Nnamdi Kanu said is true as some parts of Nigeria enjoys immunity.

“We are ready to defend Kanu with everything” he concluded.

credit: Voice of the East.


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