Every Igbo Son And Daughter Must Read This "Open Letter To President Buhari"


By Charles Ogbu.

Mr President, Sir,

This open letter is necessitated by issues of urgent national importance not unconnected with your 3 minute recorded broadcast to Nigerians this morning where you stated that Nigeria's unity is settled and not negotiable.

Mr President, Sir, I wasn't exactly born with a talent for political correctness so I like to assume your permission to pay you the courtesy of being blunt.

What Ndigbo Should Learn From Nnamdi Azikiwe And Charlie Boy's Mistakes

About 6 decades ago, the illustrious and charismatic Igbo politician and leader, Zik was popular in the West of what was Nigeria back then. He had followership. He won elections and influenced political processes amidst a people that were not of same ethnicity with him. Badly, it disillusioned him and he got ensconced in what the modern Management Theorists call "success-trap". By the next elections, he had become a stranger in a terrain he had relaxed out in. He lost. He was schemed out. It shocked him mercilessly.

2017 Budget Estimate Of South East Governments

This is the 2017 budget estimate of the SE states:

Abia 102.5 bn
Anambra 115.5 bn
Ebonyi 127.2 bn
Enugu 105 bn
Imo 131 bn

SE total 581.2 billion.

I did this before but let us do it again. Remove the governors and deputy governors in the 5 states and create one governor for the entire SE with capital in Enugu. Merge the 5 House of Assembly into one house and let each LGA send one representative to the SE House of Assembly. We have 95 LGAs in the SE so we will have 95 legislative members.

Churches Should Play A Role In Establishing Federalism In Nigeria

The Catholic Church reached Nigeria 132 years ago.Father Lutz landed at Onitsha in 1885.You can imagine what Nigeria was like at the time.To move from Onitsha to neighbouring Obosi would be unimaginable but they somehow reached Uvuru in present day Uzo Uwani in 1912.They may have taken a canoe up the River Niger and turned into Anambra River up to Otuocha and walked through the bushes.

Igbo Matters You Should Pay Attention To

One census officer was hacked to death in Onitsha and 5 others treated for burns when they were attacked with acid. It was 2006. MASSOB and some other groups had vowed to boycott and disrupt​ the 2006 census.

9 people,including 3 police men and 6 suspected MASSOB members were killed in a shout out in Nnewi "when security forces tried to search a house for suspected Biafran nationalists" according to the police.

Frank Nweke Jr was the Minister of Information at the time.He accused MASSOB of "attacking an Onitsha police station with petrol bombs and kidnapping two officers."

Collection Of Some Igbo Poetry And Anthology Books From 1975 till Date: Their Editors, Authors, Year Of Publication And Publishers.

Igbo written poetry began in 1975 though prior to this time in 1971, Egudu and Nwọga wrote a book called Poetic Heritage: Igbo Traditional Verse. This could have been said to be the first Igbo modern poetry but it has English title, and some analogy in it are expressed in English. In that case, we started counting from 1975 when everything in poetry are made to be in Igbo.
After listing these poetry books, tell us the one you have read. For me, I have read all. Now here they go:

Politics Of National Cake In Nigeria

The "equitable share of our national cake" or "equitable distribution of our national wealth".Any wonder they failed woefully at nation building?

They saw the cake baked with oil in the early 70s oil boom after they had killed over one million of their citizens in a war to retain control of the oilfields from the "rebels" who tried to run away with them.

Hear What Charles Ogbu Said About Anambra Massacre


Whatever you believe about the grave tragedy that struck Ozubulu Catholic Church last Sunday, do not make the mistake of thinking you know why those worshippers were gruesomely massacred in that church because you don't. We don't! No one does. Not even the police nor the state governor. If they did, they are yet to tell us. Matter of fact, no member of the public knows anything concrete about the church killing. Not yet.

Five Statements Where Joe Igbokwe Detested Ndigbo

Here are the five statements of destestation against ndi Igbo Joe Igbokwe who claimed to be an Igbo man, made that are in record and verifiable.

With the recent hate speeches which are not included here, Igbokwe has constantly dished out on  the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he is beginning to gain some - though so infinitesmal - attention. 

Nwafor Igbo, Onyedikachi Anambra Emmanuel has dug out some of the very insensitive expressions of the "APC errand boy."  

A Day Of Awful Experience In Enugwu State

It is said that whoever wakes up early in the morning and greeted by the vulture, his day remains awful. Waking up this morning, drizzles filled the atmosphere. I had a lot to attend to. My laptop needs an attention. It needs to be sound for serious projects going on. I had to move from Nsụka to Enugwu. I am afraid of some if not all the Nsụka's laptop repairers, quack are everywhere. They damaged my first laptop sometimes ago, my RAM was stolen by them. They left that beautiful system as an orphan.

Chidera Okolie Bags The African Youth Icon Of The Year Award At 24

Ada Igbo, renowned Novelist, Writer, Chidera Okolie has bagged the African Youth Icon of the year award.

She was crowned with the prestigious and most contested award at the 2017 edition of the event held on the 27th of July at the Federal Capital Territory.

The 24-years old author was recognised for her contribution to literature in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Chidera was recently endorsed as the brand ambassador for SMILE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, one of the leading Internet/service providers in Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa.

Advice To The IPOB...

Time to Draw the Line: IPOB Protest at St Joseph’s Catholic Church Ekwulobia Today

The growing popularity of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) may soon suffer a setback if the leadership of the organization does not step up quickly to check the increasing excesses of its members.

Meet Tony Uchenna Ubesie, The Greatest Igbo Fiction Weaver

Tony Uchenna Ubesie: The greatest Igbo Fiction Weaver, the Chef of Igbo Language and literature with unique stylistic ingredients garnished with proverbs, wellerisms, witticisms, anecdotes, riddles, folklore. The Igbo orator, broadcaster that Igbo nation had. Who he was and what he did.

Okoro Mark Ogbonnaya (Maazi Ogbonnaya)

“Partial Resolution”...A Critique On Chimamanda Adichie's "Half Of A Yellow Sun" -- By Chijioke Ngobili

I have a problem with our sister, Chimamanda Adichie. It’s been there for years. The problem in question is not personal; it is about something particularly worrisome in her novel, Half of a Yellow Sun. Adichie, in a very important section of that novel, decided to settle for what I call “partial resolution” when she could have gone for a full one.

Chukwu vs. Alusi In Igbo Land

Emeka Maduewesi's Perspective

The Igbo: Chukwu vs. Alusi

Originally, the Igbos served one unseen Supreme Being called Chukwu. Gradually, they learned idol worship from their neighbors. The Igbo priests noted that worship of idols was "alu," an abomination. They also made a point to state where the idol came from.