On Andy Ubah's Ambition For Anambra Gubernatorial Election...

By 2018, Nnamdị "Andy" Uba would have been 60 years of age. If he mistakenly rigs himself in (that can happen when all ndị Anambara have become mad) to become Anambara State governor for the next four years, he'd have been 64 by the end of his first tenure. From my checks, Uba comes off as the oldest of the aspirants (excluding the incumbent governor) and the only recycled face from an older generation among other contenders.

Nnamdi Kanu Will Witness Ojukwu's Loss At The 1983 Senatorial Election In Anambra State --- Historian Predicts (See His Analysis)

The NPN was so desperate to "capture" Anambra in the 1983 election.A few of their largely young political strategists pushed by youthful exuberance probabaly thought they understood the complexities of the Igbo political culture so they suggested that President Shagari grant the almighty Odumegwu-Ojukwu state pardon and bring him back to help in their campaigns.

Virtues Of A Good Woman


I will tell you about a good woman. There are so many notions and ideas of a woman let alone a good one but today I have chosen to take a stand.

I Begin
" what else can a man pray for in life if not the gift of a good woman, for whatever petition you ask from God is sealed and tied to that rare gift". "What on earth made nature beautiful and enticing if not the precious offer of a sacrifice in the name of a good woman". God created woman to complete him (man) but a good woman will not just complete him but support alongside.

2007 Poem By Obodimma Oha That Captured The Biafra Agitation Of Today, 10 Years After

Read carefully the lines of this 2007 poem on Nigeria and the Biafra struggle by Obodimma Oha which captured the realities we now face, 10 years after.   

 Nigeria Preys

(For Yakubu Gowon)


Nigeria preys

On the rising sun

Crazed with fear

For the spreading rays of hope

Heavy with a curse

Of many genocides ago

She claws her way

To the next damnation


Nigeria preys

Now behind the mask

Of democracy, in the dark passions

On The Naivety Of Ministers Of President Buhari

In the last administration I didn't particularly like Stella Oduah as Aviation Minister but she was creative.She flew to Qatar and other leading aviation hubs with a business proposal.
She made a show of renovating the airports and updating aviation infrastructures.She flashed the pictures to the world and investors trooped in.

Wole Soyinka Writes, "Biafra Has Not Been Defeated" (A Must Read)

On July 6, 1967, civil war broke out in Nigeria between the country’s military and the forces of Biafra, an independent republic proclaimed by ex-Nigerian military officer Odumegwu Ojukwu on May 30 of that year. The war killed more than 1 million people, many of whom died from starvation. It ended in January 1970 with the reintegration of Biafra into Nigeria.

Lack Of Regional Consciousness Amongst Ndigbo Compared With Other Tribes In Nigeria

University of Ibadan — West 
University of Ife/Obafemi Awolowo University — West
University of Lagos — West
Ahmadu Bello University — North

And then...

University of Nigeria — East (Igboland).

All — first generation universities established in Nigeria and for the people who are called "Nigerians" and other peoples of the world by late 40s and 50s and early 60s — depending on which of them.

How Obasanjo, Other Elder Statesmen Deepen Nigeria's Problem With Their Comments

Reflections on assertions by our so called Elder statesmen lately have left me perturbed and got my intellect very itchy. I have been stuck with reconciling these comments by our so called gray-haired Leaders with the truths that lie therein and the reality of the Nigerian present political situation.

What You Need To Know About Gov. El-Rufai's Kaduna Residency Permit

El-Rufai is at it again! Kaduna Residency Card!

I just woke up this morning to hear that every residence of Kaduna will have another card called Kaduna Residency Card aside the National Identity Card and I wondered “what the hell do we mean when we sing slogans like ONE NIGERIA, BETTER TOGETHER, NATIONAL IDENTITY and some other clichés our mouths pronounce and our hearts get confused with their true meaning and truth.”

Nsibidi And The Ibibio Civilisation Of Arochukwu

The Ibibio word "Nyibi" which means turn in English, is the root of Nyibidi. Nyibidi means turning. The play was usually accompanied with drummings. The drum is called Ibit in Ibibio. The drum for the ruling Crown is called Ibit Itam. Itam means crown, hat, or headgear. Ekpe(leopard) was indeed the governing deity and Ibit Itam was one of their major plays. Ukara means governance or government in Ibibio. Ukara cloth is worn by those in the government of Ekpe. The Ekpe and even Ekpo masquerade of old used to dance in a circular motion in order to induce a trance-like effect or feeling.

Writer Rubbishes Gov. David Umahi's Fears On Restructuring And Biafra Independence With These Facts

Igbo writer, Mazi Emeka Ijere has tamed the governor of Ebonyi state, David Umahi, who has shockingly revealed he turned away from both the Biafra agitation and calls for restructuring the country because he believed his state was not capable of being independent.