The Hypocrisy Of Igbo Elites To The Plight Of Ndi Igbo

December, 2016: Sultan of Sokoto, Sa'ad Abubakar III was treated to a regal and lavish reception in Enugwu and Nsụka by the government of Ifeanyị Ugwuanyị and the hangers-on who constitute the so-called Igbo elites. These Igbo elites didn't mind the social, moral and financial cost implications of that visit to the two major towns in Enugwu State with respect to Igbo people and the people of Enugwu State, in general. The main market in Nsụka was closed down in 'honor' of the Sultan's visit.

Revealing Opinion Of Wole Soyinka About Ojukwu

The times we are in undoubtedly resonate all sense of reflective thought. It is a reflection of the beginning of the current political quagmire Nigeria is thrown into, hugely necessitated by bad leadership and discordant political ideologies. It is greatly hinged on the Biafran struggle; a now renewed struggle masterminded by the very fearless and seemingly defiant Independent People of Biafra, IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

Igbo Elite And Their Attitude: Why Nnamdi Kanu Is Justified

Suddenly, many Igbo elites and intellectuals are praising Nnịa Nwodo for his latest leadership moves and masterstroke decisions in the interest of the Igbo nation following the recent developments. These so-called “educated” brethren of ours constitute the same majority that has always vilified Nnamdị Kanụ from day one, both when the young man is right or wrong, by different standards.

Proof IPOB Can Conduct Referendum On Biafra, Waiting On Nigeria Is A Waste Of Time (A Must Read Opinion)

A young writer has detailed his opinion on the debate on the Referendum of Biafra.

With the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu clamouring for the conduct of Referendum in the South East to determine the fate of Biafra, the federal government of Nigeria seems to pay deaf ears to the call.

Reflections On The Arewa Youths Quit Notice On Ndi Igbo

I won't ask anyone to leave the North if there is no official agreement by stakeholders endorsed by the federal government that asked everyone to relocate to their region of origin.In the 1966 political crisis,the FG agreed that everyone including soldiers should return to their region of origin.

However,I would advise that non Indigenous population in the North should be alert, highly mobile and defensive.Miscreants and Almajiris might turn violent as usual prompted by shadowy political sponsors but a coordinated, successful attack similar to what happened in 1966 is impossible.

My Socio-cultural Observation About Nigeria

Here is one more sociocultural observation I made about Nigerians but not so sure if it is indeed correct.

Northerners do not like verbal attacks.They view it so bad that you can see most of them feel the pain or react physically in response to verbal attacks.This could be why 'blasphemy' exist in their penal code and is punishable by death.Dont subject a typical Northerner to verbal assault.Dont insult him,his culture,region or religion.He may just pull his dagger and stab you in response.Many of my Northern friends have excommunicated me on Facebook for "insulting the North".

Why are other Nigerians so unreasonable?

Igbo Nationalist

I was once a Nigerian nationalist when I thought there was a nation called Nigeria. Now I am an Igbo nationalist because the only nation that makes sense to me is the Igbo nation.

Now, accuse me of playing ethnic card. What ethnic card have I played to hurt other Nigerians? What ethnic card have the Igbos played to stymie the progress of other Nigerians?

Addressing The Biafra Landlocked Concern: Solutions From Russell


I am sure that a lot of my brothers and sisters in the East and the Diaspora all of whom are ravenous readers of my works have been waiting for this work. Let me tender my unreserved apology to you all for starving you. Part of the reasons behind the delay is your request that most of you are tagged. I am optimistic of your ever-ready acceptance of my apology. I crave your attention as I delve into the subject matter.


Why Nigeria Is A Country Divided Against Itself And Cannot Stand-- Bayo Oluwasanmi (A Must Read)

We have witnessed the independence of Slovenia from the former Yugoslavia, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the division of the former Czechoslovakia, and the separation of both Eritrea from Ethiopia and South Sudan from Sudan.

Numerous of successful secessions have allowed people greater freedom and self-determination: Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire, the Hungarian split with the Soviet Union in 1989, Singapore’s secession from Malaysia in 1965, Ireland’s independence from the UK, and countless others.

"Every Dream Can Be Touched" -- Emma Ugolee Writes Inspiring Piece

Emma Ugolee inspires in this short narrative..

Nke a bụ ife mmụta...

Go Showkey! Go Showkey! Go! The chanting crowd begged Daddy Showkey for a 2min performance at the lounge called Jazzville in Onike, Yaba, Lagos.

Jazville a long time ago used to be the 'it' for big bands to play in Lagos. If you didn't play at Jazzville, the industry had not recognized you yet.

Arewa Letter To Osibanjo: My Plea

Mazi Odera writes on the letter by the Arewa Youths to the Acting President Prof Yemi Osibanjo.

Here him:

"His Excellency Sir ,When Arewa Youth 2 weeks ago wrote a letter and asked Ndigbo to leave the North , i thought it was an outrage and affront to your office but after reading this brand new EUPHEMISTIC THREAT which shows that the lives,the business and entire population of Ndigbo are not safe, now i know that the first letter was just a friendly Chat.