Still On The Ahiara Diocese Impasse... "The Pope Has Not Spoken," Edward Oparaji Writes


“The Pope, the Supreme Pontiff has spoken, it is over, Ahiara Dioceses must obey” wrote a Facebook commentator- a view shared by most who are against the rejection of His Lordship Bishop Peter Okpalaeke, as Diocesan Bishop of Ahiara Mbaise Diocese.

This comment was in reaction to media reports of an uncharacteristic pronouncement purportedly made by His Holiness Pope Francis, after meeting with an Ahiara Mbaise Diocese factional delegation, on June 8, 2017.

Igbo Attitude To Igboness, The Posture Of E Mee Sị (Part 1)

Igboness and the Posture of E Mee Sị

Very long ago, Simon Ottenberg, an anthropologist, took interest in the nature of the Igbo person, and, in an article titled “Ibo Receptivity to change” which he first presented at the Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, Oregon, held from May 11 to 12, 1956, and later published as a chapter in Continuity and Change in African Cultures edited by William R. Bascom and Melville J. Herskovits (1959), he wrote as follows:

"On This Evans, The Kidnapper Saga"...Rusell Bluejack Gives His Thought

Rusell Bluejack, a writer and free-thinker writes on the Evans arrest saga..hear him...


Okay Evans is a kidnapper, but those from my state that taught him and Osisikanku are what? If an Igbo man kidnaps, we call him CRIMINAL. If a Niger Deltan does same, we call him MILITANT. I see. Evans will not make me dislike my brothers in the East. Criminality is a global phenomenon. Besides, I know his tutors.

"Nigeria Is Dead Without The Igbos," Femi Aribisala Writes (A Must Read)

Out of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Igbo have by far the worst politicians.

Among the different ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Igbo are without a doubt, one of the most remarkable. So remarkable, indeed, that some have even traced their ancestry to biblical Israel, as the far-flung descendants of Jacob, the Jewish patriarch.

"As The Sun Rises In Biafra, May It Brighten Up The Niger Delta"...Russell's New Inspiring Article To Every Biafran

He was heard doing a postmortem on radio: one voice, many listeners. The VOICE was stentorian and the sound wave therefrom bore something grotesque to the contraption called Nigeria- the truth. We would stay glued to our radio every evening, waiting for the oratory crusader to sermonize and conduct surgery on Nigeria, exhuming her history which clearly makes her a far cry from nation. Most exhilarating was his prayers, for he would call God all the historical names, giving us all a feel of what the intended purpose - restoration of Biafra - would look like.

A Lesson From The South West Of Nigeria

Today is public holiday in Lagos,Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti and Ogun states in honour of June 12.There are lessons here for the SE and Biafrans.

This holiday wasn't declared by the Ganiyu Adams led Odua Peoples Congress, Afenifere or Kayode Ogundamisi's Odua Republic Front like the "Sit-at-home" in the SE on May 30,it was rather declared by the various state governments in the SW.

See The Uncommon Profile Of Ada-Igbo, Nkechi, The Survivor Of The 2005 Sosoliso Plane Crash

Life they say, is a theatre of play. You pick your role and play along.

This is the case of Ada Igbo, Nkechi Okwuchi who cheated death in the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash that consumed numerous lives.

The dugged precious daughter of Igbo land who survived the fatal crash has pictured her role in life despite the incapacitating scar she sustained from the crash.

Here is a brief of her profile that will marvel or perhaps, inspire you.

Sosoliso plane crash survivor Kechi, graduates with a First Class from U.S. University

12 year Old Prophecies Of Odumegwu Ojukwu Coming To An End...Revealing Article Of Thisday Editor (A Must Read)

I have told this story before on this space and am repeating it. In 2005 as the Group Political Editor of Thisday Newspaper I had the privilege of interviewing late Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the undisputed Biafra hero at his home in Enugu.

Arewa Youths' Quit Notice And Potential Genocide: Strong Reasons Ndi Igbo Must Start Parking (A Must Read)

This article by Charkes Ogbu is suggestive of an impending bloodbath that looms in Nigeria following the quit notice issued by Northern Youth Groups coallition and backed by their Elders.

Beyond the rhetorics and speeches, lies the practicability of the threat which in essence, may mark the repetition of the 1966 genocide should there be no strong measures to quash the moves of the seemingly determined Northern youths.

Read the article...


Still On Chris Ngige's Insult On Ndi Igbo: Orjika Chidiebere Raises Another Argument

Many believed Chris Ngige really spoke before thinking when he said ndi Igbo should stop crying of marhinalisation since they didn't invest on President Buhari's campaign.

Orjika Chidiebere is on the issue with some insightful argument to set right the thinking of the Labour and Productivity Minister who may have forgotten putting on his thinking cap when he made that statement which truly insulted the sensibilities of ndi Igbo, his people.

Read Ojrika's submission below...

Nke Awusa mere Igbo di, kedukwanu maka nke Igbo mere onwe ha?

Weaverbird’s Skilfulness In Nest-Making, A Folklore In Igbo Land (Part One)

Folklore continues to challenge humanity with interesting connexions and interpretations of experience. Indeed, it constantly invites us to look at life and its situations more closely to see how one aspect could be an interesting paradigm for the other. Is it what the folksongs convey in simple but profound philosophical statements or what the proverbs seem to legislate? Is it even in the silent speech of the wall mural in the shrine or the full concentration of the dibia afa the diviner while reading the signs of the seeds of insight on the divination tray?