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I have never been and will never be an apostle of hoax neither am I in the gang of irrational critics who are die-hard in ensuring the total destruction of any personality that’s unfortunate with them. Retrospection to the2009/2010 scenario of Late Fmr. President Yaradua and a true reflection of the reality we are confronted with give some grounds to believe the "supposed hoax". No smoke, they say, goes without fire. Puzzled with mounting concerns for the President's health, I was confronted with these facts tending to validate the seeming; that the rumour is either true or that Buhari is momentarily incapacitated.

1. The sudden call from top North Elders and forums calling and seeking for the baseless resignation of VP Osibanjo...remember, same efforts were intensified in 2009/2010 against Jonathan.

2. The intermittent high-powered Northern meeting lately. Northern elites are known to embrace unity when there are glimpses of National power drifting off to the South. The meetings held during Yaradua's time are unarguably uncountable.

3. The Sudden vote of confidence passed on Buhari by House of Reps members as initiated by Northern Reps. Yaradua received more of that Vote from the Northern Law makers and the North-studded Cabinet when he was close to His Grave.

4. The silence of the Person in Question: just like Yaradua was, President Buhari has remained silent only relying on the antics of Aides and Some Officials whilst releasing outdated Pictures. We saw more than that in Yaradua's time.

5. The silence of our outspoken first Lady: Who will have her husband announced dead while he's very much alive and not speak?

6. The perceived panic among the Northern Caucus

7. Buhari is yet to make any press release or meet with any community of Nigerians, friends and well-wishers in London or where ever he may be. Even if he's on vacation or " rest period" as touted by the few, how can a whole country not know where their President is?


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