Gov Willie Obiano Completes The Big Lynden Farms.


Gov Willie Obiano has inaugurated the completed first phase of Lynden Farms at Igbariam, Anambra East Council Area of Anambra state.

The Farm which is to produce high quality eggs and poultry meat, the groundbreaking ceremony of which was performed by the Governor about one year ago was to be executed in three phases with a total investment put at 180 million dollars.

The completed phase has a double-deck facility housing 100,000 chicks with automated feeding and waste disposal processes, and is expected to produce 2,500 crates of egg per day.

Igbo Son Sets to Reveal the Evils of Babangida While in Office

Obi Emelonye is set to unveil the evils and corrupt practices allegedly perpetrated by Ex-dictator Badamosi Babangida while in office through a movie entitled "Badamasi."

The prolific and multi-award winning film maker and bonafide son of Igbo,whose works in blockbuster films such as “ Last Flight to Abuja”, “ Oxford Gardens”, “The Mirror Boy” and “Onye Ozi” have gained him in international recognition and caps, introduces yet another unprecedneted account of a dreaded hero of corrutpion.

Trump Set to Sign a New Immigration Law

Seeking to regroup after a stinging legal defeat, U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday he is considering signing a "brand new order" after his refugee and immigration travel ban was halted in court.

Trump, speaking to reporters on Air Force One as he flew to Florida for the weekend, said he expected his administration to win the legal battle over his original directive. But he said the White House was also weighing other alternatives, including making changes to the order, which suspended the nation's refugee program and barred all entries from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Photo of South Africa's Lawmakers fighting Security Officials

Members of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters, in red, clash with security officials after being ordered out of South Africa's parliament during President Jacob Zuma's state of the nation address. 

South Africa's parliament descended into chaos on Thursday, with opposition legislators denouncing President Jacob Zuma as a "scoundrel" and "rotten to the core" because of corruption allegations and then brawling with guards who dragged them out of the chamber.

Chief Victor Umeh Floors Uche Ekwunife in Supreme Court

Chief Victor Umeh, today floors Uche Ekwunife with victory at the Supreme Court Judgments, as reported by Harrison Madubueze, who gave the post on his Facebook page. 
His post reads;
"The Victorious Victor for the umpteenth time flaws Hon. Uche Ekwunife again.....
The Supreme is bereft of Jurisdiction to hear.... This Matter..... S.C. Judges..."

Top Politicians to Lose in 2019...Biafra is a Dangerous Case: Primate Ayodele Warns amidst otger Prophecies

The revered Primate Elijah Ayodele has called on the Nigerian Government to yield to the rightful agitation of Igbos on the freedom by firing shots of warning that the agitations are no longer mere jokes. 

In his words; "Biafra is not a joke, should be addressed carefully"

He said this amidst other prophecies he gave while addressing the masking of the President's health status insisting that the President is alive.

Igbos Will Lose If We Don't Listen to Obasanjo's Call: Youth Group

A group named  South-East Youths for Good Governance has called on Igbo leaders to welcome the  seemingly affected recent call by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on Igbo presidency in 2019, claiming that the Igbos will lose out by disregarding the call and the caller, the former President.

Chika Ike On Another huge Investment

The entrepreneurial drive and gene of high - achievement needs instilled in the Igbo Sons and Daughters keep them  in the pace. 

The resonance of this spirit of determination and hard work is evident in our daughter, Chike Nancy Ike who is set to break grounds in the well-paying Real Estate business.

Chika Ike (Chichi), Ada Igbo n' Anambra, the accomplished actress and entrepreneur was pictured supervising her buildings undergoing construction which when completed, would set her on same pedestrian with big investors in the indusrty.