Igbankwu/Traditional Marriage


The indispensability of the Igbankwu (Traditional wedding/Marriage in Our Igbo society is expressed in the attitudes of our people to it. This well revered ceremony takes no rivalry from any sort of conjugal ceremony as it expends its beauty and bliss to the cultured community. The Igbankwu is carried out in series of processes as are included here below:

1. Iku aka n’uzo or Iju ese known as the background inquiry

2. Ime or ikpa ego i.e. Bride price negotiation and payments 4.

Nigerian Politics Now

I have never been and will never be an apostle of hoax neither am I in the gang of irrational critics who are die-hard in ensuring the total destruction of any personality that’s unfortunate with them. Retrospection to the2009/2010 scenario of Late Fmr. President Yaradua and a true reflection of the reality we are confronted with give some grounds to believe the "supposed hoax". No smoke, they say, goes without fire.

My Educational Process

20 years in retrospect, I was a pupil in a community primary school in the ancient Uli land? You remember the city; the location of the defunct Biafran airport where Ojukwu took off from? In school, I was somewhat average academically, being not calm enough to earn the A grades.