Osibanjo's Performance As Acting President Was Woeful -- Junaid Mohammed

Giving credence to reports that Vice President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo was sidelined by the cabal at the Presidency when he was the Acting President during the second medical tourism of President Muhammadu Buhari, Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed has said that Osinbajo's performance was underpar.

According to Dailypost, He noted that Mamman Daura, the alleged leader of the cabal within the Presidency was in the habit of indirectly interfering in Osinbajo’s work and causing him to issue ‘irresponsible’ and ‘emotional’ statements and appointments that almost embarassed the government.

He further said that Mamman Daura has been bragging that the government belongs to him and his ilk and they will do all they can to run the government.

The erstwhile lawmaker said: “The performance of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as the Acting President was below par. He didn’t perform as well as I expected him to perform.

“The first time Buhari was out of town, he (Osinbajo) maintained the presidency on an even keel. Services were being maintained, people were being encouraged to be good citizens, and the country was at the forefront of his concern. Now, he decided to play politics.

“Firstly, he started by issuing irresponsible – and what I would regard as emotional – statements, saying that hate speech is equal to terrorism. In fact, lawyers are questioning whether there is any law (that prohibits hate speech) — and he (Osinbajo) is a professor of law. He should point out any law which shows that hate speech is a crime.

“In addition, he made some reckless appointments which favoured members of his tribe and church – he was careless in making appointments based on sentiments, not on merit, and not making sure that the people who were nominated were morally fit for their positions. You remember what happened with the ICPC (Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission) appointments and that became a morass.

“The cabal did not have the ‘free hand’ they had in the first absence of Buhari; it does not mean that Osinbajo did well during the second spell of Buhari’s absence. He did not.

“I suspect that there might have been a political plan by the cabal, especially by Mamman Daura. But it is not a direct interference. They would go and put ideas into Buhari’s head. Sometimes, Daura was in the habit of trying to reach out to Osinbajo and suggest what Osinbajo should do and should not do.

“Mamman Daura has been known to be making intemperate and irresponsible statements that the government belongs to him and his ilk and they will do all they can to run the government. The grapevine in the North is very leaky.

“We talk to people who talk to him. We talk even to (Buhari’s) family members who are unhappy with the way things are going. They (the cabal) are ruthless. If they find that they can have somebody who will replace Buhari and do their own bidding, they wouldn’t mind collaborating with him.”


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