Power Of Forgiveness

To err is human, to forgive is divine. We let go, to let God in. Holding unto past is open door to bitterness & stagnancy. Forgiveness heals the heart of the wounded first, gives room for sober reflection to the one forgiven. Acknowledging hurt does not mean weakness but holding unto it is. Only the strong forgive, the wise step on hurt to move higher, the mature expect less from pple to avoid hurts. Arch Angel failed God. Human beings fail too. Guard ur life against broken heart syndrome. It kills faster than poison when trusted allies fail. Love all pple, but put ALL ur trust in God only. Trust is expensive commodity, not to be placed on cheap pple. This is a hard truth of life. May God give u discernment to see beyond words of pple to spot from a distance the smiling vipers.

Unforgiving heart is the reason why prayers delay. Bible said, u can sing when u re bitter and receive healing, u can give when u ve been cheated and receive abundance, but if u must prsy, u must forgive any one who has done u wrong so ur father in heaven can forgive u. Mark 11:25

Forgiving an unrepentant, wicked and arrogant person does not mean God will automatically forgive him too, it only means u ve transfered ur hurts to him while waiting on God, just judge to judge Him. FORGIVENESS makes u light at heart

Good morning.

Nwafor Igbo, Tony Nwoye



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