Reason You Should Always Stand Tall As An Igbo!

Emeka Maduewesi writes...

My kids are more than of average heights for their respective ages. In all group photographs with their peers, they try to shrink so they will be of same height with others. I told them that this was unacceptable. I exhorted them to always stand tall, upright to their true heights.

My daughter, a very compassionate 10 year old, explained that she stoops so that others will not feel small. She would not want to injure their feelings. My son nodded in affirmation.

I immediately saw my DNA in them; that spirit to always consider the feelings of others. It however hit me that I have not always lived up to my exhortation that one should always stand tall.

This week I turned a new leaf. I will not boast. I will not engage in puffery. I will not make subjective statements. I will show me and my Igbo people based on the provisions of Nigerian law and policy.

For example, the three most intelligent states in Nigeria are:
1. Anambra (My own state)
2. Imo 
3. Enugu

All these are Igbo states!

The three least intelligent states are:

34. Yobe
35. Taraba
36. Zamfara

On a scale of 1-36 and using the attached Workbook, where does your state fall?

As you can see, all Igbo states are in the top 50 percentile!

If you are Igbo, stand tall to your full heights and potentials. Stop bending down. Injure their feelings. Stop being a coward. If others don't like the picture, they should change the law. After all, they are in power!



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