See The Three Largest Landmass Areas In Igbo Land: Do You Agree?

Of the cultural zones in Igboland, the three largest landmass areas (Anambra, Imo, Enugwu, Ebonyi, Abịa in specific context) are:

*Ngwà (Abia State) 
*Nsụka (Enugwu State) 
*Nike (Enugwu State)

Following major highways, the approximate areas of Ngwà spans from around Owerenta till somewhere around or before Obigbo (using Enugwu/PH expressway). 
That of Nsụka covers from around or before Ogbede (not forgetting the massive Ụzọ-ụwanị in the fold) till Obolo-afọ (using 9th mile-Benue expressway). 
That of Nike covers what is today the GRA of Enugwu town stretching the whole of Abakpa, Trans-Ekulu, Nike Lake and all the way before Opi in Nsụka.

I stand to be corrected and enlightened in these approximations so far. But I find it funny when folks who haven't traversed these areas would shout "Igboland is too small and can't contain people". Ọ kwa ebe fa na ejeberọ mbụ oo!

Well, my indaba is: Which of these three landmass areas do you consider largest, larger and large in that order? For me, Nike comes behind all but I've remained confused for long in all my travels around Igboland trying to estimate the largest between Nsụka and Ngwà. Let's brainstorm. I want to learn!

By Chijioke Ngobili, Lecturer, University of Nigeria, Nsukka


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