Tears Flow As Ada-Igbo, Who Received A Message She Would Die In Surgery, Dies A Day After The Surgery

Ife a bu ife mgbu.

Nwa-Ada Igbo, Onyinyechi Flourish Enyiazu has been reported dead a day after she appreciated God on her Facebook page for successful surgery she did. This however, followed a revelation from her Facebook friend, John Kpoobari Diidi in which John told her that he had dreamt she died after a surgery.

John was reported to have admonished Onyinyechi to pray to avert the tragedy, stating he had already prayed for her.

The post Onyinyechi shared on Thursday, read:

"Thanking Jehovah overdo on a successful surgery!! Surely, He is God all by Himself."

It was therefore, sad to hear that she passed on yesterday, Friday, 14th April.

John however, posted the conservation and wrote: "My last and only conversation with Madam Onyinyechi...it's sad that there is an extent our control over spiritual (forces) can be. R.I.P. Amazon!"

As tributes pour in from her friends and family underscoring her popularity, it is worth noting, the lessons.

Take prayer seriously, and when you hear something as serious as Onyinyechi received, please act.

Ka Chukwu nabata mkpuru obi ya...Amen!!

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