The Issue Of "Igbo Have Victim Complex"

Mbe Nwaniga began

When some Nigerians say that the Igbo have victim complex,victim mentality or other fancy words we often hear,what exactly do they mean?

I have been wanting some education on this for a long time.

In my understanding of Nigeria,I would say the Igbo had a totally different experience in Nigeria than any other ethnic group.It is expected therefore that their attitude to Nigeria would be totally different too.Whst I don't understand however is the claim that they have victim complex.

Are we saying that it was right for Nigerian troops especially from the 4th Battalion,Ibadan and 5th Battalion Kano,to coordinate the indiscriminate massacre of Igbo men,women,children and the unborn with civilian mobs during the Igbo pogroms in 1966 because a group of Igbo soldiers killed about 11 military and political leaders of Nigeria in January 1966?I am not talking about wartime Biafra but the year before Biafra came into existence.

Are we saying that the 9 million Igbo at the time brought this upon themselves,shared in this guilt because this group that staged the January 15 coup happened to be mostly Igbo or is there something else in the Igbo character that is so repulsive?

I need an honest education here.
Please what is the meaning of the saying that the Igbo have a victim complex?

Obiasogu Ugochukwu submitted


You really give a damn about this fatuous scrap from such unlettered lots. Men, U’ve got much more time to “freestyle” with them. But let me lend some sense to them with this.

It spanned through 22 to 29 September, 1966 when millions of Ndigbo were massacred in a planned and deliberate execution. What was their crime? Some group of soldiers accused of masterminding the January 1966 coup were said to be their Kinsmen. They had no one to save them. None of those the Nigerian soldiers and Northern indigenes who carried out pogrom was arrested and jailed, yet they say the Igbo shouldn’t feel VICTIMISED.

At 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, the 2nd of October 1969, a group of soldiers took Mr. Lekettey, a Ghanaian and Mr. Paul I. Okwara to the Kano Rediffusion Network (train station) where a passenger train which was to convey 700 men, women, and children, all Igbo, back to Enugu had been hijacked and all the passengers mowed down like fowls. Again, the helpless passengers had no one to save them. They bore the brunt and suffered the brutality alone as VICTIMS.

Did the Nigeria-Biafra civil war say the least? Recongised as one of the greatest ethnic cleansings in world history, the second pogrom Igbo people suffered in Nigeria, 1967-1970 bathed the Igbo land and by extension, Nigerian land with cold, thick blood flowing from the monstrous cleansing. It was again, like the others, deliberate, tactical, planned and neatly executed. Who were the VICTIMS?

The British fathered the Nigerian government and they heeded to their advice of releasing Obafemi Awolowo to seal the cleansing with the starvation policy and of course, the popular 20 pounds policy. The intended outcome, we all know that, to eternally cripple the economic power of Ndigbo who, before the pogrom had been the richest ethnic group in Africa and make them predominantly slaves in Nigeria. Who were the VICTIMS?

Political move was made. 12 states were first created, for what, to politically incapacitate the Igbo in Nigeria’s political sphere. The old Eastern region which at the time, the North claimed had the least population, was balkanised into 5 states (Benue-Plateau State, Mid-Western State, Rivers State a South-Eastern State, East-Central State, East-Central state) while the North fraudulently said to have the highest population had only North-West, North-Eastern state, Kano State, North-Central State carved out from it. The mission and message were clear. Divide the East against itself so that they never reach a consensus. Many erroneously think the essence was just to win the Civil war to Nigerian side. Well, that balkanisation is still hunting the Igbo till today as they have been rendered politically impotent. Who are the VICTIMS?

The Nigerian story has a single line for the Igbo; MARGINALISATION with VICTIMISATION. Both weapons have been unleashed on the Igbo from the inception so that, the same crude hard-knock the Igbo man gets in the Northern part of Nigeria where he has his heart in his hands as any slightest provocation may take his life, is the same he has in Western part of Nigeria where also, with little provocation his business may within a twinkle of an eye, be burned to ashes. That is the fate of the Igbo man in Nigeria. A single story of being on the receiving end of MARGINALISATION AND VICTIMISATION.

Ndeewo nu!!

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