The Ugly Wife: A Tale By Emeka Maduewesi

The Ugly Wife

One man insisted that his wife was very ugly, not just physically, but in every aspect. The man, after many years of abusive treatment, mocked the wife that even if she leaves, no man will look her way and she will die of hunger. One day, after another night of physical abuse, the woman reported the husband to the elders. An early morning meeting was fixed.

In this village, for a wife to pronounce that she has divorced her husband under native law and custom would walk out of the house while he was in the front courtyard, call his name and lift up her clothes for him to see her naked bum bum in public. There must be at least two witnesses.

Seven elders attended the early morning meeting. As the meeting progressed in the front courtyard, with the man levying all kinds of verbal abuses on the wife, the woman stood up, walked out of house, called her husband's name and lifted he dress. Her naked bum bum was seen by all the elders.

Surprisingly, her husband insisted he did not see it. As he argued with the elders whether he saw it or not, the wife called his name again and the man ran into the house before she could lift her dress the second time.

Please what is wrong with this man? You said this woman is very ugly, still you won't let her go. Treat her well, you refused. She publicly divorced you according to native law and custom, but you denied seeing her bum bum, something seven elders of the community saw. 

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