The Wise Learn From History, Only Fools Learn From Experience -- Osibanjo Speas

In a keynote address, “Greater Together than Apart” delivered on Thursday at an event held to mark the rememberance of the Nigeria-Biafra war and to examine the development of Nigeria 50 years after the war, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo spoke rather harshly as he stated that the while the wise learn from history, fools learn from experience.

Osinbajo asked Nigerians to learn from the history of Nigeria’s civil war rather than beating the drums of a second civil war, saying while the wise learn from history, experience remains the best teacher for a fool.

On the agitation from the freedom of Biafra, while he accepted it was right discussing the nation’s existence, he rather urged Nigerians to use the country’s diversity to make her great “instead of trying to flee into the lazy comfort of homogeneity."


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