Those Who Issued Quit Notice On Other Nigerians Are Used By "Saboteur" Politicians

Former governor of Kaduna state and the leader of the People Redemption Party (PRP) leader, Balarabe Musa has reacted to the rejection of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB)’s rejection of the withdrawal of quit notice the Arewa youths gave the Igbo communities residing in the North and the new quit notice Niger Delta groups gave the Yoruba and Hausa residents in the Niger Delta to quit the region before Oct. 1.

According to Musa, the groups including the infamous Arewa youths who had first issued quit notice on Ndigbo and had been subjected under criticism and calls for their arrest are all inconsequential groups who are manipulated by “saboteurs.”

Musa made this statement while having a chat with journalists at his Kaduna state resident where he tackled especially the IPOB and the Niger Delta youths for issuing the quit notice.

“The quit notices are designed to escalate tension in the country and promote disaffection among citizens.

“Clearly, the issuers of such notices are irresponsible groups being backed by some people in their respective regions to issue the notices.

“Such backers are saboteurs ready to undermine the unity of the country for their own parochial ethnic and political interests.

“It is sad that issuance of quit notices to Nigerians resident in other states is now the order of the day.

“The development threatens the unity of the country and the peaceful co-existence of all citizens.

“The groups issuing the threats are not doing that alone. They are actually acting scripts by some people in their regions who are supposed to be leaders.

“These backers are saboteurs who are bent on undermining the unity of the country for their personal and parochial interests,” he said.

“All these groups issuing quit notices and threats do not have the powers to do anything.

“They only create tension in the polity and threaten the peace of the country .

“They can’t tell people where to live. They are nonentities who are just claiming an influence they do not have,” he said.



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