US-Based Pastor Chris Tells Nnamdi Kanu What He Must Do To Get Biafra

Pastor Chris Amuchie who coordinates the General Coordinator of the Igbo Intercessory Prayer Ministry has advised the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other pro-Biafra agitators to adopt spiritual violence in their struggle.

According to the US-based pastor who made the statement during an interview with Daily Sun, it is only through strong spiritual battle the Igbo can be liberated from the severe marginalization and persecution they witness in Nigeria.

His words: “We have seen a lot of things happening in Igbo land; things are not moving the way it should be. The Igbo are not competing favourably with other tribes and other ethnic extractions.

“Then there is the issue of not co-operating with one another. The Igbo have this kind of tendency to be on their own. So, we see that these things don’t work well for the growth of Igbo land for its development. Even in the religious, economic and political circles, the Igbo are so divisive with themselves; that is why we see all these things and believe that these things have a spiritual undertone.

“In the first place, our foundation as Igbo is part of the problem we have. Like I told you some of the problems that are inherent in Igbo land are the problem are inherent in the Igbo man and those things work against them.

“Secondly, since after the war, like I’ve ministered in a couple of times and we find out that the Igbo have actually been maginalised politically, economically and socially. That is the truth that nobody can deny it all over the country, even all over the world, we see that the Igbos are not given their real dues in the country.

“They can’t get to the top position in government and in many companies. They can’t even aspire to the highest position of presidency of the land. So, whatever they do, they are being maginalised.

“Spiritually, when Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members begin to do things according to the will of God, we believe seriously that God will fight for them.

“So, you see the problem of Igbo land can be handled spiritually even though some people are trying to do it the carnal way, which did not yield the exact result.

“But I believe that if you follow it up from the spiritual point of view then the physical will manifest and whatever we are looking for, God is able to make them happen for the Igbo. Spiritually,

“if you get the spiritual issue handled then the physical will be taken care of.

“So, when we handle it and destablise these spiritual forces, the Igbo would be let loose to achieve their God-given talents and destiny.

“This is a spiritual warfare, not physical. During the time of Biafra they used
physical method, carnal method and it did not get us so much to that place. There was a real genuine reason for the Igbo to rebel but because we pursued it from the wrong angle of a political and physical method, it did not work out, but this time if people will come from different denominations, all of us that call on the name of God, He is able to make anything happen. That’s why we have to trust him with Igbo land.”



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