"We Will Survive" Inspiring Poem For Ndigbo

I am of Igbo nation;
With indomitable spirit.

We survived slave trade.
We survived colonialism.
We survived the pogrom.
We survived the invaders.

Emeka, the son of Digbo!
Digbo ka nna ya!
Okpala Nnewi!
Nwa Otolo umuchukwu!
We take no prisoners!

We survived Alhaji Balewa.
We survived General Gowon.
We survived General Murtala.
And survived General Obasanjo.

We survived Alhaji Shagari.
We survived General Buhari.
We survived General Babangida.
And survived General Abacha.

We survived General Abdulsalam.
We survived Obasanjo again!
We survived Alhaji Umaru.
And survived Dr. Jonathan.

Let not your heart be troubled.
We will continue to thrive.
We are indomitable Igbo!
And will survive Buhari again!

Credit: Emeka Maduewesi

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