What Is Your Own Thought On The National Broadcast Of President Buhari?

I still remember the reactions to Abacha's speech on 16 November 1993 sacking the ING of Earnest Shonekan. It was a cold, steely speech but it doused tensions in the country considerably. He promised that his government would soon establish a constitutional conference with ‘full constituent power’ to decide the country’s future constitutional structure in that speech. Even NADECO must have been cheered up a bit by that speech.

It was the very thing nearly every Nigerian was waiting to hear at the time; the way forward for the country after the crisis following the annulment of June 12 and the general tension. I was with the coordinator of Committee for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR) in our neighborhood; Dr HC Onwubiko. He had called me to gather the boys to push his Peugeot 505 that never would start without a lengthy push. Dr forgot about going out after Abacha spoke. He went back in, undressed and ordered drinks for all of us from nearby Possible Hotel. It was the first time he gave Mbe and the boys something for pushing the car.

It was a Tuesday and by 9pm NTA news, those who fled Lagos for the village during the "oso Abiola" started packing their bags. They took Ifesinachi luxurious bus back to Lagos on Wednesday morning. Such was the level of confidence the speech gave everyone.

Amas threw a party on Saturday in his bush bar up the hill and folks from as far as Enugu,Onitsha,Port Harcourt attended that party. There was a live band, a lively groove, Sam from South Africa and another guy from Pakistan.

They all raised a toast to Nigeria while we ate our fried rice from a little distance, pretending not to be watching them. Can’t really describe how that speech renewed the hope of all Nigerians in just one post. You can tell that the events celebrating the speech, the coming of Abacha in my neighbourhood is still fresh in my memory.

Nearly 24 years later, Mr Integrity, a.k.a Mai Gaskia,Abacha's head of PTF, who was elected to his former boss position two years earlier made a speech to the nation after coming back from a 104 days medical vacation abroad.

How is your neighbourhood celebrating this national address? Is it anywhere near what we did 24 years ago?

From Mbe Nwaniga

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