Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: It is at the discretion of Igbobia Media to access the information of users and visitors of this forum. This is in line with our objective to render quality and maximum service to our members and users. Your information may be gathered and stored from the following ways: Through registration on the site: when you register on the site or fill in requirements such as your email address, your name and your social media accounts. Through automatic collection: this includes your browser type and language, your IP address, information about your device, information about other apps installed on your device, access location and times, the content of any undeleted cookies that your browser previously accepted from us (see "Cookies" below), and the referring website address. Through social media links: information about members and users may be gathered through their social media accounts and in a manner as may not infringe on the rights of the users. Legal Disclaimer: Igbobia holds its members and users in esteem and as such, shall not, unless in a matter as shall be mandated by Law and necessary to that effect, disclose personal information of members and users on this forum. Links Disclaimer: Igbobia may have links to other sites for purposes of optimal service or monetization, embedded on our forum. We disclaim that we have no association whatsoever with the policies of those sites we share their links and please, note that the policies of those sites are completely independent of ours. Comments/Post Policy: Comments and posts are solely the responsibilities of members and users as they can post and comment on posts on this forum though, it must be in accordance with the guidelines provided herein. Igbobia does not engage in members’ and users’ posts and comments unless in matters as may be necessary to correct or punish defaulters of the rules of the forum. Why We Need These Information We Collect FROM You:We are committed to offering optimal service and ensuring your maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.We need your information to set-up your account on the site as it is an interactive forum.We need your personal information to serve you with the right information, ads and notice when necessary.We need your personal information detect fraud, robots and unwanted automation.  Further Notification: We shall ensure we notify our members and users whenever necessity for changes may arise. We also, shall ensure we detailed the members on the implications of such policies.  Third Party (Advert) Policy Please note that there may be links on this forum you may click to redirect you to another site. It may be advertisement link or otherwise. Those sites may use your personal information and it is at their discretion. We patronize Google ads and other services. Information about users’ visit to this site, such as number of times they have viewed an ad (but not username, date of birth, or any other personal information), is used to serve ads to users on this site.